Mandasa Palakova

Type:   Desserts
Mandasa Kova Photo

Usually kova, as we recall, is kova stamps, or kova dumplings.
But there is a peculiarity to Mandasa Palakova. It has a tricky taste, sharing the melody in the liquid.

Mandasa was once the seat of the Kalinga kings who stood at the forefront of the Eastern Ghats. Since then, it has been known for making foods with different flavors. Part of it is known as the herbal medicine Palakova.

It has a history of nearly 300 years. The Eastern Ghats are home to many medicinal plants and trees. All the towers in the area carry the grazing in the hills every day, and the milk they give the herbal milk also has medicinal properties. This is why Mandas Kova is so famous.

There are about 10 families in the village who have been practicing koa making for generations. This koa is made with milk and sugar, just like regular koa. However, it is ready for sale before it is pastured. Manufacturers say that by doing so, the milk’s ingredients are safe.

The tricky taste belongs to this category. For about 15 to 20 days during the winter and rainy season, this liquid cava is not damaged.

The drug is widely consumed by the locals and is usually consumed by the sweeteners.